Minmi Climbasaurus (Giant Sleeping Ankylosaur)

This larger-than-life sculptural ‘Climbasaurus’ depicts the well-known Australian herbivore, Minmi Paravertebra.

Unlike most dinosaur models and exhibits, Minmi is specifically designed for children to climb all over. The armoured scutes and scales make perfect hand grips offering children of all ages and abilities opportunities to play and interact while honing their climbing skills. Minmi is available with or without the central tunnel through the belly.

Minmi is 3.6m long x 2.2m wide and has a free height of fall of 1.5m. It is suitable for parks, schools, retail and child care environments with appropriate soft-fall surfacing. Created in fibreglass and finished in two-pack urethane, each Minmi is hand painted by Alan and can be customised upon request.