Pretend play helps children expand their experience beyond the situations they meet in real life. Given enough space and encouragement, pretend play can help children in many ways:

They can be who they want to be

During pretend play, children can move beyond the person they are and choose to be whichever character, hero, person they decide to be. This is a powerful practice that helps them move beyond their perceived limits and truly believe in their ability to be just about anyone they choose to.

They can role play actual life situations in a way they have control over

Playing shop, playing house, playing teacher…role play gives children the opportunity to exercise control over situations they usually have little say in. They can revisit real life situations and understand them better, see them from different angles and create an outcome that is perhaps completely different from the one that they are usually used to.

They practice thinking and language skills

Vocabulary expands as they learn the names of new things, language develops through conversations made up around the game created and minds are used to create new stories rather than simply listening to those created by the adults around them.

They learn to rely on their imagination to create life experiences

Through pretend play, children can learn that they can actually create their own experiences. That there can be a lot more to life if they sprinkle some creativity onto it. A priceless realisation for any age.

Art Dinouveau makes many types of playhouses and cubbies that act as containers and locations for children’s imaginative play. Discover our Treehouse, Mushroom Cubby, Gumnut Cubby, Custom Play Dome and our completely customisable Timber Playhouses that can be created around specific needs, themes and ideas.

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Baldivis Playspace

Gumnut cubby

Treehouse - Art Dinouveau

The Treehouse

Mushroom Playhouse - Art Dinouveau

Mushroom Playhouse

Dome climber and cubby at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital Playspace - Art Dinouveau

Custom Dome Climber and Cubby

Traditional Timber Playhouse - Art Dinouveau

Traditional Timber Playhouse

Timber Playhouse - Art Dinouveau

Timber Playhouse created in the form of a General Store