Created to magnify and celebrate the beauty of nature, the Microcosm Natural Play Collection by Art Dinouveau is designed to make children feel as though they’ve shrunk in size to play among the tiny creatures of the garden.

When used together in a playspace, these oversized sculptural play components create unique, visually-stimulating playspaces that inspire children to appreciate nature.


Children are encouraged to explore a hollow log, leap over a native frog, climb aboard a Monarch caterpillar, ride a giant rainforest snail and even slide down the abdomen of a shimmering dragonfly.

The collection also features botanical elements such as the giant toadstools, a colourful array of giant daisies and a quirky selection of nature-inspired sculptural furniture. These fantastical and functional elements can be dotted throughout artificial and organic ground surfaces to add natural magic to any playspace.

Mushroom Playhouse - Art Dinouveau

Made from heavy-duty fibreglass and finished in polyurethane paint and a resilient, graffiti-proof varnish, all of the Art Dinouveau play equipment items are suitable for use in parks, schools, hospitals, kindergartens and retail environments.

Article first featured on Outdoor Design Source.

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